online doctorate in psychology

Online Doctorate in Psychology

An online doctor of psychology degree is a great way to advance your education and research aspects of psychology you are interested in while also maintaining your job and monthly income. An online doctorate in psychology or any other subject will typically be designed in a way that the hours are flexible. These are distance-learning courses that are popular especially because they allow you to pick your own timings and deadlines. With an online doctor of psychology degree, you do not need to relocate or live on campus. You can complete this degree from the comfort of your home without commuting to a campus. This also saves you a lot more money than attending a full course on campus and paying for accommodation and relocation as well. The following is a brief guide to the best online doctorates in psychology.

Best Online Psychology Doctoral Programs

online psychology doctoral programsThe following are the best online psychology doctoral programs you can enroll in. Some of these programs are conducted entirely online while others may require you to attend some sessions on campus.

There is also a requirement to complete internships and a stipulated number of hours of work experience. Each program allows you to pick your specialization in the field:

Ashford University

The Online Doctor of Psychology degree at Ashford University is a course designed to enhance your knowledge of the principles of psychology and enables you to carry out research using the professional methodology for your dissertation, which will be in the specialization you choose. You will be required to complete a core and elective course, along with a doctoral capstone and research. You are required to complete 62 credit hours and the courses typically extend between six to nine weeks. The program costs $1,082.00 per credit.

Touro University Worldwide

Touro University Worldwide offers an online Psy.D in Human & Organizational Psychology. The program is conducted online entirely and you do not need to sit for a GRE to be eligible to enter the program. You will be going through courses in theory and research, and then apply that theory in practice. There is a prolonged pre-dissertation phase where you discuss and go back and forth with a mentor regarding the topic of your research and the methodology. The final phase is when you work on your dissertation and actually start writing it. Through all three phases, you have the support of an esteemed faculty and a mentor. The college is one of the more affordable options among those that offer an online psychology of doctor degree and costs $700 per credit hour.

Southern California Seminary

Southern California Seminary offers a Doctor of Psychology program that follows a biblically based curriculum. This program may not be for everybody but for those who are interested, it does equip you to gain employment in the ministry, at local churches or institutions. Most of the course is conducted online barring a few lab sessions. You are required to complete 63-75 units. You will also need to complete three doctoral internships where you need to log 500 hours in total to graduate. It costs $756 per post-graduate unit.

California Southern University

The School of Behavioral Sciences at California Southern University offers Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D). It is one of the most sought after degrees in the university and focuses on the applied and clinical aspects of psychology. It prepares you to apply for licensure to become a clinical psychologist in the future. You are required to complete 66 credit hours and you can transfer a maximum of 30 credits from an accredited university or program. All the coursework is delivered online and the practicum is at approved sites, locally. The program requires a minimum of four years to complete. It costs $545 per credit hour.

Capella University

The online Psy.D at Capella University offers you an insight into the human mind and behavior and enables you to pursue a license as a clinical psychologist. You will be trained to understand and recognize mental disorders, learn tools of psychotherapy and clinical training. The course follows a hybrid methodology and the lectures and sessions are delivered online as well as in person. You can set your own schedules and also access the online material at any time and from any device without being limited by a campus or environment. There are 145 total credits over quarter terms. You can transfer 15 credits from an accredited university. The program costs $540 per credit hour.

Walden University

Walden University offers a PsyD in Behavioral Health Leadership. The program equips you with cross-disciplinary skills and allows you to manage behavioral healthcare and improve the way it is delivered. You can enter into important fields of administration, become a health manager, research manager or even start your own venture with the leadership and management skills you pick up from the program. Other than engaging in the general program, you can also choose to specialize in any one out of teaching, industrial and organizational psychology, health psychology, public health, healthcare management and international practice. You are required to complete 63 quarter credits and it costs $585 per quarter hour for credits.

Final Thoughts

The programs mentioned above are some of the best for an online doctorate in psychology. They are typically four to five years long and you can transfer credits from accredited universities you have attended previously. The programs will equip you to seek employment in a variety of different fields or even take your research forward. The curriculum is just as rigorous as an on-site program. You would still be expected to show dedication and submit work of value and quality. Since the medium is online, however, there is some flexibility levied to those who choose this mode. You will also have the support and guidance of a qualified mentor and an esteemed faculty. These are all competitive courses to get into and while some require you to appear for a standardized test, others ask for a minimum GPA requirement and a master’s degree.

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