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How to Study Psychology Online

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected the employment of psychologists to go up by 14% by 2026. This rate applies to those who counsel mental health disorder, substance abuse disorder and a wide variety of environments. The reason for this projection could be because lately, there has been a lot of emphasis on the rehabilitation in the justice system. The social stigmas attached to mental health issues decreases, more jobs or those qualified to impart care in this field are being created.

Having said that, if you want to pursue your career as a psychologist you will have to go in for higher studies, but acquiring a bachelor’s degree in psychology is the first step towards it. This course will also equip you with skills that are required to pursue a master’s degree in the field. But before you go ahead and sign up for any program, you should also consider if the requirements suit your lifestyle and timetable.

Most of these courses cover the basics of human behavior and cognition and a little history on the field. The students are also made aware of social influences, coping strategies, attachments and so on and several other relevant topics. They would also have a choice to specialize in a particular area of interest. This will certainly ensure that you gain the skills necessary if you want to go in for further education.

A lot of universities these days are offering online courses in psychology using e-learning methods, with trained faculty and well-designed curriculums. Let us take a look at some accredited courses some universities have to offer.

Pennsylvania State University

This university offers two degrees; the Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and the Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology. The university boasts of a “world campus” that has over 17,000 students enrolled in over 150 programs. If you are planning to pursue graduate studies, this is the perfect course for you.

The course offers an overview of psychology, research methods and of course, an opportunity to explore career options in the field. The university has a faculty that is quite active in service-related practices, clinical practice and research.

This degree requires a total of 123 credits, and each credit costs $555-$596. You can also customize your degree with two options — Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Life Sciences option or a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Business option. To apply to the program, you need to be a high school graduate with your GED completed (and will need to submit your transcripts).

You may review the application instructions here.

Colorado State University

A course from this university will teach you to address real-word problems using science creatively and strategically. You will discover the scientific methods, laws of behavior and basic theories during this online course. You will gain skills that you can apply across a number of professions and at the same time, will prepare you for a higher degree if you wish to do so in the future.

The degree requires a total of 120 credits, and each credit costs $476 and features a well-rounded curriculum. The program is designed to improve your skills in analytical thinking, oral communication, teamwork, written communication and critical thinking.

With an average class size of 21, you have the opportunity to interact with fellow students and instructors via video conferencing, forums and online chat. Admission requirements include a 2.0 cumulative GPA, high school graduation or equivalent and 3 credits of mathematics.

You may apply for this course here.

Oregon State University

The Oregon state university boasts of over 22,000 students worldwide and offers a  BA or BS degree program in psychology that adapts to both the modern and scientific approach to human behavior. The course concentrates on the students learning problem-solving skills, skills in oral communication, scientific methodology and creative and critical thinking. Upon completion of the course, the students will receive the same diploma as on-campus students.

The degree requires a total of 180 credits, and each credit costs $297 and is completely online. Course topics include cognition, abnormal psychology, brain and behavior, behavioral modification personality and health psychology.

Check here for admission requirements.

Utah State University

The university has been offering online courses since 1997 and offers more than 30 such programs. Students here are involved in research opportunities to be conducted at any of the research facilities. You can pursue a BA or a BS in psychology and for the former, students need to gain proficiency in at least 1 foreign language.

Students at this university are encouraged to engage with Psi Chi, which is an honor national society in psychology. This would help them get more career opportunities and academic pursuits. Courses that are required are psychological statistics, analysis of behavior, lifespan development and many others. Students are also required to finish an apprenticeship course to gain them a little work experience outside the classroom.

Students must fulfill the admission requirements of the Utah State University; the psychology has separate requirements. If you are an international student, you have to fulfill these requirements as well.

The degree requires a total of 120 credits, and each credit costs $349 (for those outside of Utah) and $319 (for those in Utah).

Arizona State University

This degree promises to equip students with the skills required to interact effectively with people from different backgrounds and provides a curriculum that is diverse. It covers the basic and applied courses such as organizational, developmental, social and cross-cultural psychology among others.

The university also has an advisory support program that will navigate you to your desired career path. The program also allows you to complete your degree in a smaller time frame. The estimated full-time tuition and fees (for residents) comes to about $625 per credit, and the same for non-residents.


The advantage of studying psychology online is that you won’t have to do campus visits. Universities make sure that there is plenty of interactions between the students and faculty members via numerous mediums. Our list contains all accredited universities, but if you decide to go with any other college, make sure it is accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

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