masters in organizational psychology online

Master’s in Organizational Psychology Online

Humans do not operate like machines. So, there’s bound to be a drop in employee performance at every organization. Organizational psychologists assess organizations from a psychological perspective and develop or recommend solutions that help maintain work-life balance, while improving productivity.

A master’s degree in organizational psychology, which is the minimum you require to have a career in the field, will train you in scientific research methods and data analysis, you will learn techniques of selecting the right personnel for the right job within an organization, you will be able to conduct employee performance evaluations and provide feedback, you will be equipped to design new training programs to meet the requirements of an organization, etc. You will also be taught small group theory, organizational theory, personnel psychology, labor relations and more.

Typically, master’s programs consist of coursework and project work or internship or practicum. The coursework teaches you the theory and the internship or practicum provides you an opportunity to implement the theories in practice. Plus, you might also have to submit a thesis paper to earn your degree. Getting a master’s degree usually requires 2 years. There are accelerated programs as well that get over within 12 months. The internship or practicum can take an additional 6 to 9 months, which varies from program to program.

Primary employment opportunities for students with a master’s degree in organizational psychology lie in the business world. For opportunities in the academic world or research, you will need a doctoral degree in organizational psychology. You can also improve your employment opportunities by obtaining a certification from the American Board of Organizational and Business Consulting Psychology (ABOBCP). However, note that certification isn’t mandatory for organizational psychologists, unlike clinical psychologists. Depending on which state you’re working in and the scope of your work, you might require a license.

How to Get a Master’s in Organizational Psychology Online

Master’s in organizational psychology online programs require a lot of self-discipline because you will have to independently read up a lot of study material and complete assignments. While most online programs do offer virtual supervision from faculty members, the flexible nature of the program demands that you are self-motivated. Note that a master’s in organizational psychology online program is usually non-clinical and most graduates take up human resources management roles or organizational leadership positions. The most important thing is that the online program should be accredited.

Missouri University of Science and Technology

Missouri University of Science and Technology offers an online Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology program. The primary objective of this program is to prepare students to apply the theories of organizational psychology to improve performances in organizations, as well as enhance the quality of work life. Students will be trained to assess the selection of new employees, create effective training programs for them, conduct performance measurement and foster better working environments. Besides organizational psychology, students are also taught statistics and research methods. Students have the option of submitting a thesis paper at the end of the program or take up a graduate certificate in applied workplace psychology or statistical methods in psychology.

Some of the courses taught in the program include small group dynamics, job analysis and performance management, employee affect and behavior, advanced leadership theory and practice, applied psychological data analysis, psychometrics and ethics and professional responsibilities, among others.

In this online program, the courses are taught via live streaming. The program also utilizes collaborative learning software such as Zoom and Canvas. There’s an online archive of all the old streamed classes, which students can access to review a course.

The program comprises 40 credit hours, which includes 34 credit hours of core coursework and 6 credit hours for thesis research or two elective courses. The tuition is $950 per credit hour. You will require a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, along with GRE scores for verbal and quantitative tests for admission.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University offers an online Master of Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology degree program. You will learn to solve workplace issues such as low employee performance and productivity, using research and measurement skills. You will also learn how to apply psychological principles to deal with challenges related to human resources and leadership roles in organizations. As you might have guessed, the focus of the program is equipping students with practical knowledge, as well as training them in research and consultation.

At the end of this online program, you will learn how to conduct recruitment and selection sessions, along with retaining those employees that are high performing. You will also learn to conduct employee performance assessments. You will be able to identify additional training requirements at every level of organizations, create such training and development programs and implement them. You will also be able to assess whether existing workplace programs are effective or not. The program will also teach you how to improve the working environment in an organization through research.

Some of the courses you will be taught in this program include applied industrial psychology, applied psychological research methods, applied psychological research design, applied measurement theory, workforce training and development and applied organizational development, among others.

You will have to complete a total of 38 credit hours in this program and the tuition is $757 per credit. Depending on whether you study full time or part time, you can complete this program in 2 or 4 years, respectively.

All programs at Colorado State University are accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

Adler University

Adler University offers an online Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. This is a 36 credit program. The courses you will be taught include organizational theory, research methods, organizational development and change, statistics, group dynamics, executive coaching, training: theory, design and evaluation, talent selection and recruitment, social responsibility action plan, talent management, consulting skills and workplace measurement and performance management. You will also have to complete a two-credit social justice practicum that’s non-clinical. This online program can be completed in under 24 months.

All programs at Adler University are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).


Organizational psychology is one of the fastest growing specialties within the field of psychology. Organizations around the world are more aware now about the connection between psychology and employee performance, productivity and employee retention. Hence, most organizations either hire people with graduate or doctoral degrees on a full-time basis or as consultants.

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