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Online Psychology Classes

Online psychology classes are a great way to move forward with your education, without relocating to a different state or finding accommodation on campus. You can carry on with your education from the comfort of your home and for a lot less money than what you would owe in a full-fledged, on-site course. These online classes for a psychology degree are designed in the right serial order so you can get a comprehensive understanding of the subject and it is not concepts put arbitrarily together. You will follow a precise trajectory with the subjects and papers and if it makes it easier, you can perceive the degree as a series of classes and take it one at a time. The following is a guide to online classes for psychology degree:

Online Classes for a Psychology Degree

online classes for psychology degreeThe following are some online classes for psychology degrees you can consider.

The list is a mix of undergraduate and graduate degrees and covers a variety of different specializations and focuses in the field.

There are also different price points and fee structures for each of the courses so you can make your choice accordingly:

Capella University

Capella University is a university that offers an online Master of Science in Psychology. The course will take you through different research methods and methodologies, which will acquaint you with how psychology relates to everyday life and other aspects of life. The course involves four core courses, five specializations and one integrative project at the end of the two years. In addition to this, you can choose between the GuidedPathTM format and the FlexPathTM format. The former asks for 50 total credit hours, where it cost $485 per credit and requires you to follow the schedule designed by the school, the latter requires a flat fee and allows you to pick your own hours and timings. It cost a flat fee of $10,800–$21,600.

Walden University

Walden University has a few different online psychology and counseling degrees you can look at pursuing. The different degrees allow you to pick your specializations after due considerations. Some of the graduate degrees include Master of Science (MS) in Psychology, MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MS in Developmental Psychology and MS in Forensic Psychology, among others. These are all important graduate programs that equip and prepare you for more professional fields concerning psychology. You do not need to be stuck with mediocrity or with only a basic overview of general psychology. You get the chance to pick a specialization and take an exciting leap of faith with your education. In each of the graduate degrees mentioned above, you are required to complete 48 credit hours and pay $535 per quarter hour as tuition fee.

Colorado State University

If you are interested in a job as a counselor or therapist especially at a workplace, the online Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology offered by Colorado State University is one of the best options for you to pursue. The course will allow you to work on making offices, organizations and workplaces more employee friendly and open. The course will equip you with the skill to understand what is working at the organization and what might be making it an unpleasant experience for the workers and employees. The presence of someone like you at an organization builds morale and positivity and is sometimes a legal requirement. Through the course, you will be studying core courses like applied industrial psychology, workforce training and development, applied organizational development, etc. You will be expected to complete 38 credit hours, which costs $757 each.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University is one of the best places that offer online classes in psychology. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is a rigorous and comprehensive course that takes 40 courses to complete, each of which lasts about 7.5 weeks. Armed with a B.A. in Psychology, you would become skilled to be eligible for a variety of different employment opportunities. Some of these job opportunities include animal training, health education, counseling, clinical data management, etc. You are required to complete 120 credit hours in total and the course costs $520-$728 per credit hour.

Grand Canyon University

At Grand Canyon University, you can pursue a Master of Science in General Psychology as an online degree. The program is a comprehensive degree that covers a variety of different classes and core discourses. Some of the important issues and topics the school covers are human development; learning, cognition and motivation; psychopathology; contemporary and ethical issues in psychology; and social and cultural psychology, among many of the other courses. This is a unique two-month course that requires you to complete 36 credit hours in total. You can also ask for an extension if the 20-month timeline is not suitable for you. The cost, of course, is $20,035 for tuition and fees, and $525 for the course material, books and supplies.

Final Thoughts

The courses mentioned above are some of the best and most comprehensive packages that will provide you with the best class and course work for earning a degree in psychology. The courses are also designed in a way that working professionals or those who could not attend an on-site course would be able to keep up with course work while also taking care of their other responsibilities.

Typically the courses are designed keeping in mind working professionals. You have the freedom and flexibility of choosing your hours and submitting your assignments accordingly. Apart from all these freedoms and privileges, online classes and courses are also much cheaper than the on-campus version of the same courses. The infrastructure is a lot less expensive and you can get the same quality of education without incurring the additional expense of relocation and finding new accommodation.

Most of the universities above are also accredited by at least a regional accrediting agencies so you know they also uphold a certain standard of quality that is recognized by the US Department of Education.

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