cheap online psychology degrees

Cheap Online Psychology Degrees

Pursuing an education, while important, is not always inexpensive. There are several expenses you will need to incur, including resource material, books, accommodation on campus. These expenses are all apart from the tuition fees, which is usually the largest expenditure. With an online degree, you can mitigate a lot of the expenses and still get a quality education. An online mode of education is especially helpful for those who are working professionals or those, who for some reason, had to interrupt their education and would now like to resume. The following is a guide to some of the best cheap online psychology degrees:

Cheapest Online Psychology Degrees

cheap online psychology degreeThe following is a list of undergraduate as well as graduate degrees.

These are some of the best cheap online psychology degrees available in the country and they’re highly rated by both staff, students and education publications:

Sacramento State College of Continuing Education

Sacramento State College of Continuing Education offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, which is a broad discipline that will take you through an overview of human behavior, emotion and cognitive thought. This is a fully online and accelerated degree which also offers you the flexibility to complete it at your own time. The school was established with the idea of enabling people to continue their education after a gap or in a non-traditional way. What’s more, it is an extremely affordable program. The courses are priced at $425 per unit and each course takes about six to eight weeks to complete.

Valdosta State University

Valdosta State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The course has been designed in a way that you can complete it in your own time and pace. Each semester has a clear rotation of classes so you can attend all of them and also take care of responsibilities and other commitments outside of college as well. The degree will enable you to develop your writing skills and also use a discipline-appropriate terminology and academic style of writing. Students pursuing online degrees are exempt from most fees, but there are a few student service fees and technological fees you may have to account for. It costs $226 per credit hour for fall 2018.

American Public University

American Public University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Through the course, you will be studying different aspects of psychology, like developmental, abnormal and organizational. You will be able to apply the theoretical skill set you get from your education in the practical world. It will equip you to pursue employment in fields like law, counseling, human services, politics, public management, etc. You are required to complete 120 credits hours in total in the four-year program. The degree costs $270 per credit hour and $250 with a military grant.

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University offers a Master of Science in Psychology. The program is conducted fully online and requires you to complete 36 credit hours in total. Despite its online nature, the course is interactive and student centric. Students are expected to take one course in every eight-week term. Some of the key core subjects you will be completing through this course are research methods, diversity & ethics, learning & cognition, lifespan development and more. Apart from the courses delivered online, students will be encouraged to join the American Psychological Association (APA) and be abreast of helpful conferences and debates being held in their region. The degree costs $650 per credit hour.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University offers an online Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. You will be trained to solve and mitigate workplace issues and also design programs that will help to make workplaces more employee friendly. This is a professional degree that is focused on giving you practical skills for a specific field of study and employment. The program required you to complete 38 credit hours, which can take anywhere between two and four hours. It does not require you to complete a thesis, but there is a need to attend a summer program. The program costs $757 per credit hour.

Final Thoughts

cheapest online psychology degreeThe names mentioned above are some of the most affordable online psychology degrees. There are options for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

On the completion of any of these degrees, you will be equipped with skill sets that are extremely relevant in the professional world if you want to pursue psychology in any field. These are competitive courses that also prepare you to seek out the kind of work and employment opportunities you desire. A course like this brings you one step closer to your dreams and it does not even cost as much as a regular college education.

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