best online psychology degree programs

Best Online Psychology Programs

With higher education becoming more and more expensive with each passing year, people who wish to expand their horizons in terms of education are looking for other – relatively more affordable – options. Many universities are setting up online schools for you to enroll yourself into so that you can gain knowledge even from a distance, without having to put in full-time work. If you are looking to earn a degree in psychology but don’t want to go to regular, full-time school, there are a number of online programs that you can consider.

In this brief guide, you will be able to look at the best online psychology programs that you can apply for and expand your future prospects in the field of psychology. As technology advances, the traditional methods of learning are also evolving to keep up with the changes. These programs will be able to give you high-quality education with a lot more flexibility.

Best Online Psychology Degree Programs

best online psychology programsThere are a number of factors that you need to look at when you are looking for an online program at an institution in the country.

Some of these include the number of programs and courses offered, faculty, reputation and rankings across platforms. Here are the best online psychology programs:

University of Florida

A great online psychology program is the one offered by the University of Florida. This Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program looks at the subject from both a natural sciences perspective, along with a social sciences outlook so that students can pursue a wide range of careers in the field. The coursework is centered around four core areas of study, with the tuition being paid according to each credit. If you are a Florida resident, you stand to get a discount.

Oregon State University

This university offers a large number of online programs but the ones being discussed here are the BA and BS degrees in psychology. In order to receive the degree, students have to complete 180 credits, including core subjects and electives. If you opt for this distance learning degree, you will be allowed to add a minor to the degree. In addition to the online classes, students can also visit campuses on Corvallis, Cascades or Portland.

University of Utah

If you are looking to pursue a BS program at the University of Utah’s online school, you will be able to benefit from the university’s dynamic approach towards learning. While you will be required to complete your education in the core areas, fieldwork also receives a good amount of attention in the curriculum. It is a highly competitive online program that fosters research and inquiry.

University of Central Florida

One of the largest online psychology programs in terms of enrollment is the program offered by the University of Central Florida. In order to be admitted as a psychology major student, you need to have completed two years of college, which makes it a higher level of study. The only major restriction that you need to keep in mind is that students from Minnesota and Oregon cannot apply for these programs because of those states’ laws.

Northeastern University

Another great program for a BS in psychology is the one offered by the Boston, Massachusetts-based Northeastern University’s online school. You may be required to complete a specific number of credits in other major fields, along with a chunk in the realm of psychology – for example, social psychology, research, cognition and so on.

Pennsylvania State University

The Pennsylvania State University’s World Campus offers a BA in psychology, which is aimed at equipping students with the ability to analyze human interaction and relationships that can help them succeed in careers in a number of different industries. In order to receive the degree, students are required to complete a number of credits, almost half of which are centered around psychology.

Colorado State University

If you are looking for a program that not just gives you an in-depth knowledge of the scientific methodology used in the field, but also aspects of communications and critical thinking, the program offered by Colorado State University is an exceptional one. The university uses online discussion forums and interactive learning methods to give you a higher quality of education. The tuition fee is the same for all students.

Utah State University

One of the earliest universities to offer online courses, the Utah State University currently runs over 30 of these programs, including a BA and a BS in psychology. It is a high-intensity course that also requires you to showcase knowledge of a foreign language that may help in graduate studies. In addition to completing the required credits, you will be required to complete some form of apprenticeship to graduate.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University offers an online psychology program that combines the academic theory aspects of education with application across fields. If you are looking to finish your degree in a lesser amount of time – less than four years – this degree may work for you as it can fast track your psychology degree. While transfer students are welcome, they need to finish a particular number of hours at the university.

University of Massachusetts–Lowell

The last online program on this list – which should not be confused for ranked positions – is the UMass Lowell psychology program that covers the theoretical and application-based aspects of the subject. The applications for the online course are opened on a rolling basis so you should keep an eye out!


After looking at 10 of the best psychology degree programs that you can pursue online, you will find yourself better equipped to choose one that meets your specific personal requirements. All the programs differ from one another in terms of the courses involved, credits that need to be completed, concentrations and more. This means that you will need to go through the program structure in greater detail to understand its many specifications and choose one that is in line with your aspirations on the career front. An online degree may be just the thing between you and that job that you are seeking!

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