best online psychology degrees

Best Online Psychology Degrees

An online degree is a good way to study further without taking time out of your professional life or pressing pause on your career. An online course will give you the flexibility to balance both worlds, mostly with ease. As a psychology enthusiast or as somebody who is interested in pursuing psychology as a vocation or simply wants to study the subject, there are plenty of online courses and degrees that have made this possible. This article will take you through a few of the best.

Top Online Psychology Degrees

The following are some of the best online psychology degrees that you can consider to study further or begin your higher education.

The list is a mix of undergraduate and graduate courses:

Capella University

best online psychology degreeCapella University is one of the best places for you to pursue your education. The university offers an online Master of Science in Psychology which will allow you to specialize in different fields of psychology.

You will be equipped with different research methodologies and approaches to psychology and research. The course is a great starting point to understand how psychology relates to all aspects of everyday life, like business, child care, public policy, etc. There are four core courses and five specialization courses. At the end of two years, you will also need to complete an integrative project. What is great about this school is that you can choose between GuidedPathTM format and the FlexPathTM format. The former is a format where the school decides the schedule and you keep up with the deadlines. This format requires you to complete 50 credit hours and costs $485 per credit hour. The latter is a format that allows you to fix your own schedule and complete the course on your own time and pace. It has a flat fee of $10,800–$21,600.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University is one of the best schools in the country to offer a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. It is a comprehensive course that will familiarize you with a variety of different aspects and fields of psychology. You are expected to complete 40 courses in all, spread over 120 credit hours. Each course takes about 7.5 weeks to complete. At the end of this four-year degree, you should be able to seek employment opportunities in health education, clinical data management, animal training, etc. This is a rigorous course that will point you in the right direction and guide you in choosing a specialization. It costs between $520 and $728 per credit hour.

Grand Canyon University

The Master of Science in General Psychology at Grand Canyon University is an online degree that will acquaint you with a variety of different fields and specializations in psychology. This is a great course to do if you want to move forward and get a specialization in higher studies or even if you would like to be a general practitioner. Some of the core courses you will be studying while doing this degree include human development; psychopathology; contemporary and ethical issues in psychology; social and cultural psychology, etc. This is a 20-month course and requires you to complete 36 credit hours in all. Often, students, especially those who happen to be working professionals, are not able to complete the course in the given 20-month timeline. The university understands time restrictions working professionals may have and grants extensions and flexibility. The course costs approximately $20,035 and there is an additional cost of $525 for course material and supplies.

University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin — Madison offers a unique course for professional educators. This is an online Master of Science for Professional Educators. The course is designed by integrating three different courses from different departments in the university — Educational Psychology, Curriculum & Instruction, and Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis. It takes two years to complete and requires you to do 30 credit hours. If you are a professional educator or are looking to foray into education, this is a very effective course that will equip you with the right kind of skills to be a successful and efficient educator. The course is priced at $800 per credit hour.

University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts is one of the best schools to offer an online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Through this course, you will be taken through different aspects and fields of psychology, like experimental psychology, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, etc. You will be expected to complete 120 credit hours in total and it takes a minimum of four years to complete. It costs $380 per credit hour. Unfortunately, the course is not offered to residents of Arkansas, Kansas and Minnesota because of certain legislative changes.

Final Thoughts

The names mentioned above are some of the best online psychology degrees. They will open you up to a variety of opportunities or at least guide you towards the specialization you want to pursue. These are rigorous and comprehensive courses, but they also take into account that working professionals are some of the biggest consumers of these courses. They are, therefore, structured accordingly.

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