online schools for psychology

Online Schools for Psychology

Psychology is one of those subjects that tread the line between natural sciences and social sciences, gaining more and more importance by the day. If you are looking to pursue your higher education – whether it is an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or others – the first few options laid in front of you are going to be conventional full-time programs that require you to be in school. With the advancement in technology, however, there are tons of online schools and colleges for psychology that you can apply to. Not only will this help you save some money that would otherwise be spent on the conventional degree, but this will also give you the flexibility to work or do something else on your own time.

Most universities in the United States are setting up online schools to impart knowledge to a larger group of people, but if you are looking for the best online schools and colleges for psychology, the ones mentioned below offer some great programs.

Online Schools and Colleges for Psychology

online college courses for psychologyIn order to ensure that you are applying to the best schools for your individual needs, it is important that you look at all the different options in front of you before taking the call.

The schools and colleges mentioned below have received accolades for their online psychology degree programs – making them some of the best online schools for psychology – and should definitely make it to your list.

University of Southern California

If you are looking to pursue a master’s degree in psychology at one of the premier institutions in the country without having to physically attend class, the University of Southern California’s online program – Master of Science in Applied Psychology – is a great option for you. The complete program requires you to complete 34 credits, which includes the core subjects and electives, in addition to some practical elements of study. Once enrolled, it is possible to complete the program in as little as 16 months.

University of Florida

The University of Florida’s online school is a great platform for those of you who want to pursue a full degree without attending full-time school. The psychology programs are designed to analyze the intersection between natural sciences and social sciences when it comes to psychology. The tuition fee is significantly lower than the fee for a regular program as you pay according to each credit that you are looking to receive. You stand to get a discounted tuition if you are a resident of Florida.

Oregon State University

Another great school that offers online psychology programs is Oregon State University. If you are looking at bachelor’s degree programs, you can choose between the BA and BS degrees that the school offers. You will be required to finish 180 credits – from core subjects as well as elective concentrations – to receive the degree, and also have the flexibility to choose your minor. While this is an online course, you can also visit the university’s different campuses if you need to access some particular resources.

Sam Houston State University

The Huntsville, Texas-based Sam Houston State University offers a number of online courses, along with some hybrid courses, most of which are taught online. The psychology program is a 120-credit program that consists of both psychology courses and some general studies subjects.

University of Central Florida

If you already have some years of college-level education under your belt, you can opt for the online psychology programs offered by the University of Central Florida. While the program isn’t available for students from Minnesota and Oregon because of state law restrictions, others can benefit immensely from these advanced psychology programs.

Washington State University

For students looking to study psychology as a part of a liberal arts program, Washington State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology that may help you advance your career prospects without putting in full-time work. In order to graduate with a degree in psychology, you must earn a certain number of credits in the subject, along with other general studies credits.

Touro University Worldwide

In addition to 30 schools and colleges under the Touro College and University System, there is a distance learning school that allows students – who are already working – to complete their education by pursuing online degrees. The master’s program in psychology offered by the university lays emphasis on the practical application of the subject so that students complete an education that will aid their career. The curriculum includes some core concepts, along with concentration courses and a research-based project.

University of Memphis Global

If you are looking to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology, the University of Memphis’ online school is a great option for people who don’t want to take on a full-time course. The overall program consists of 120 credits of coursework, which includes some general education requirements and other psychology-centered courses. The final concentration can either be general psychology, behavioral neuroscience or cognitive science, depending on the student’s interests.

Colorado State University

The final school on this list is Colorado State University. With approximately 20 students in each class, this school adopts a highly interactive method of learning, even in the online courses. The curriculum for the bachelor’s degree is centered on social psychology, organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, biological psychology, industrial psychology, and other such aspects. In addition to this, you can choose a minor to graduate with.


online colleges for psychologyAn online program in psychology can help you advance your career prospects in the field. While people had doubts about the validity of online degrees when they were first introduced, they are widely accepted as the harbingers of the technological advancement that has come to define our education systems.

Choose the program that meets your individual requirements best – and is in line with your career aspirations – so that you can take away the maximum amount of benefits from specifically your degree and your education in general. This list of the best online schools and colleges for psychology will help you take this decision!

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