bachelors degree in psychology online

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Online

A bachelor of psychology online is a good way to keep your education going even when you are working a full-time or part-time job. It is an online distance-learning course that introduces you to different aspects of psychology so you can make a choice about your specialization at the end of the course.

bachelor of psychology onlineThe great thing about a B.A. in psychology online is that you have the flexibility to choose your hours and finish the course in your own time. Of course, there will be deadlines you need to meet and there are basic requirements that you need to fulfill as a student.

Doing the course online instead of on campus reduces a lot of the stress and pressure of the course and also accords you time and energy to focus on other things, like your job. The following is a brief guide to the best bachelor’s degrees in psychology available online.

Top Bachelor’s of Psychology Online Programs

ba in psychology onlineAn online psychology bachelor’s degree typically lasts between three and four years. While most classes and sessions are held online, there are a few sessions which require you to come down to the campus or attend residential sessions.

The following are the top programs for a bachelor of psychology online:

Arizona State University

bs in psychology onlineThe Arizona State University offers an online B.A in psychology. It is one of the top universities to offer this program.

You are expected to complete 40 courses and each course takes about 7.5 weeks. A B.A in psychology from Arizona State University would open you up to a variety of employment opportunities, including counseling, health education, animal training, clinical data managers, etc. You need to complete 120 credit hours in total and the course costs $520-$728 per credit hour.

Colorado State University

online psychology bachelor's degreeThe Bachelor’s in Psychology program from Colorado State University varies in duration based on the intensity of the papers you take and your previous experience with similar coursework.

After graduating from this program, you will find yourself eligible for jobs in fields like social psychology, organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, etc. You need to complete 120 credit hours and the course costs $476 per credit.

Sam Houston State University

The Sam Houston State University is one of the few institutions that will offer you a degree without mentioning the word ‘online’. If there are any potential employers who are skeptical to hire somebody with only an ‘online’ degree, you will not have that problem as your transcripts will not say it is an online degree. With this degree, you can get employed in the fields of psychotherapy, management, public relations, advocacy, etc. Seventy-five percent of the course is delivered online and the remaining 25% is delivered on campus so you will need to make yourself available then. You are required to complete 120 credit hours and the course will cost you approximately $5,085 per semester.

Washington State University – Global Campus

Washington State University’s B.A in Psychology course is conducted online entirely and you also get free access to a lot of the study materials. While the tuition fee you are expected to pay depends on the campus you take admission in, the fee for the summer is the same across all campuses and costs approximately $5,664.50 for non-Washington residents.

University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts is one of the most sought after schools in the country. The B.A in Psychology program is a great way to initiate yourself into the fields of clinical psychology, experimental psychology, developmental psychology, etc. You are required to complete 120 credit hours and the course costs $380 per credit. The course is not offered to residents of Arkansas, Kansas and Minnesota at the moment due to legislative changes. But students across America are eligible to enroll.

University of Florida

The University of Florida has a comprehensive interdisciplinary curriculum for their  B.A in Psychology course. The understanding of psychology is through the lens of natural and social sciences. You can transfer credits from your previous school, if required, as long as you have maintained a GPA of at least 2.75. You can pursue careers in behavior analysis, clinical psychology, customer relations, etc. You are required to complete 120 credit hours and the course costs $129.8 per credit.

Oregon State University

Oregon State University has a diverse portfolio of courses, including a B.A or B.S in Psychology. The courses are designed in a quarter-term system and each term goes on for 11 weeks. It has a variety of online programs, including a B.A. or B.S. in Psychology. The course has a quarter-term system and the classes go on for 11 weeks. For those living in the Portland area, the university offers a mixed course with a few classes being conducted online and a few face-to-face on the campus. The course requires 180 credits and costs $297 per credit.

Pennsylvania State University – World Campus

The Pennsylvania State University has a B.A in Psychology course which opens you up to fields of social work, rehabilitation, recreational therapy, etc. This is a great, respectable name to be attached to and is a sought after university. The course requires you to complete 123 credit hours and costs $555/$596 per credit.

Final Thoughts

The names mentioned above are some of the best online degrees in psychology. The courses are built strategically so they also allow people the flexibility to achieve their targets in a more realistic time frame. You would also be paying a lot less for a course online than you would if you had to relocate. An online course saves you accommodation fee, moving expenses and a lot more. As long as you can manage the course load along with any other work commitments you may have, such courses are a great way to advance your education and increase your qualifications. You would not have to quit your job or give up on a monthly income either. It is the sweetest deal!

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