online neuropsychology degree

Online Neuropsychology Degree

An online neuropsychology degree, regardless of which level of course you are taking, is meant to acquaint you with the principles of neuropsychology. Neuropsychology is a branch of psychology which studies the behavior of the brain and its impact on cognitive behavior and other aspects of human impulses. There are several ways of acquainting yourself with this field of study. The following is a description of some of the levels this degree offers and the courses you can enroll in:

Levels of a Neuropsychology Degree

There are a few different levels of a neuropsychology degree you can pursue, apart from certificate courses and diplomas. The following are the basic trajectory people follow:


A bachelor’s degree in neuropsychology is an undergraduate degree that takes you through the principles and theories of neuropsychology. You will become familiar with the function of the brain in triggering cognitive behaviors and patterns. You will be focusing on the brain and its impact on human behavior, motor function and cognitive reactions. A bachelor’s degree is typically for four years.


A master’s degree in neuropsychology is a graduate degree that allows you to specialize further in the field. During your undergraduate studies, you would be studying a variety of subjects related to the field, including other branches of psychology. In your master’s, you will be expected to focus on certain subjects within the field of neuropsychology. To acquire a doctorate, you will need to complete your master’s degree.


As a practicing neuropsychologist, you can assess, diagnose and treat psychological disorders that are related to the brain. But to practice this field of psychology, you will need a doctorate degree. A practicing neuropsychologist is either a Doctor of Philosophy or a Doctor of Psychology. While acquiring this degree, you will need to devote at least four or five years of your life after acquiring a master’s degree. You will also be working on your thesis, which will be published at the end of the program. A doctoral program also requires a stipulated number of hours in a work environment. You may have client interaction during this program.

Top Online Neuropsychology Programs

online neuropsychology programsThe following are some of the top online neuropsychology programs you can enroll in.

These are different levels of the field and some of them are also diploma or certificate programs for those who have even lesser time to devote.

Fielding Graduate University

Fielding Graduate University offers a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology. This is a conventional doctoral program which is delivered in a hybrid format. While this is not a degree focused on neuropsychology, it is one of the fields you can specialize in. The neuropsychology concentration encourages you to complete internships and doctoral training in clinical neuropsychology. You will have complete training in neuropsychology but will also have enough of a background in clinical psychology, in case you want to pursue a career in that field. The program is offered through both synchronous and asynchronous online and in-person courses. It costs $9,560/term.

The university also offers a Postdoctoral Certificate in Neuropsychology which will provide you with a broad understanding of brain behaviors and patterns. This is a program designed specifically for licensed psychologists who would like to widen the horizon of their education and knowledge. You are required to complete 54-course credits in total. The course costs $4,260/term.

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Neuropsychology.

While the university is based in the United Kingdom, the distance-learning course is offered to non-residents of the UK. The course is delivered by clinicians of the NHS and other lecturers. You can catch lectures live in a webinar or watch a recording of the lecture later. The course requires you to complete six units and 120 credits. The overseas full-time course costs £10,900 and the part-time course costs.

You require an honors degree in psychology or a related discipline to be eligible for the course. Four units (100 credits) are taught via lectures, the fifth unit (10 credits) is devoted to a case assessment report and the final unit (10 credits) is for critical discussions of important peer-reviewed papers.

Ball State Online

Ball State Online offers a Graduate Certificate in Neuropsychology. This is a 15-credit graduate level certificate course which covers basic theories and principles of neuropsychology. You will also be acquainted with more advanced topics relating to more advanced topics in the studies of neurological disorders and brain dysfunction. There are five courses in total that need to be completed. These courses are spread over three semesters and are conducted over one summer. Some of the units you will be covering are adult development and aging, fundamentals of neuropsychology and advanced topics in neuropsychology.

The course costs $616 per credit, plus a technology fee.

National Academy of Neuropsychology, Inc

National Academy of Neuropsychology, Inc (NAN) offers at least three summer courses in different aspects of neuropsychology. There is the 16-credit Neuropsychology of Epilepsy and Epilepsy Surgery; the 24-credit Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology; and the 30-credit Applications of Brain Imaging in Clinical Neuropsychology. The courses typically begin in May and end by July or August. The courses are certificate courses that will acquaint you with a variety of subjects in the field. If you are a member of NAN, you can get a heavy discount on the courses.

Final Thoughts

An online neuropsychology program is a great way to specialize in this field from the comfort of your home. These distance-learning courses are designed especially for those who are unable to attend a full-time course on campus. The schedules and curriculums are designed so that working professionals, stay-at-home parents, senior citizens and other groups can further their education. The courses mentioned above vary in terms of price, commitment required and the level of the degree, diploma or certificate. But each of these courses has something to offer and is sure to broaden your mind and take you a step closer to the field of psychology you want to make your career in.

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