online psychology associates degree

Online Psychology Associate’s Degree

An online associates degree is typically a two-year undergraduate program that can be completed online. It covers the basics of a subject and prepares you for higher studies. The tuition fee for an associate’s degree is also usually lower than a four-year bachelor’s degree. Besides, as this degree is being delivered online, there is no extra cost of accommodation or relocation. The following is a brief guide to an online psychology associate’s degree:

What Is an Online Psychology Associates Degree?

associates in psychology onlineAn associate’s in psychology online is an undergraduate degree, not different from a Bachelor’s in Arts (B.A.) in psychology. These degrees are defined as Associate of Arts (AA) and are typically completed over two years.

While some master’s programs recognize an associate degree as a complete undergraduate degree, others may expect you to get a four-year bachelor’s degree to become eligible for an M.A. An associate degree covers the basic principles of a subject and similar to bachelor’s degrees, you are expected to complete a stipulated number of credit hours. In the online version, you will be expected to complete the same requirement, but through an online mode and the deadlines may be more flexible keeping in mind working people.

Best Online Psychology Associate’s Degrees

The following are the best associates in psychology online degrees:

Central Methodist University

Central Methodist University offers a psychology major. Through the course, you will be focussing on areas of abnormal psychology, social processes, personality, counseling, etc. You will also explore a practicum and internships during the course of this program. An associate degree will also prepare you for a graduate degree should you want to pursue the subject of psychology. The Associate of Arts in Psychology requires 18 credit hours for concentration in psychology, 12 credit hours for the electives and 30 credit hours for common core courses. This makes it 60 credit hours in total. The online classes typically run for 8-16 weeks and are adjustable based on your schedule. The degree takes two years to complete. The degree costs $260 per credit hour.

Liberty University

Liberty University offers an Associate’s Degree in Psychology which is delivered completely online. The degree will cover foundational courses and principles of psychology. The course views the curriculum through a biblical lens. If you are looking to specialize in Christian counseling, this may be the course for you. But even if you have a secular understanding of your worldview, this course is suitable for you. This is also an affordable degree that offers you the flexibility to choose your hours and deadlines based on your schedule. It is a two-year course that requires you to complete 60 credit hours in total. The course costs $455 per credit hour.

Regent University

At Regent University’s Associate of Arts in Psychology, you will be studying key concepts and principles of psychology and will be able to learn from researchers, professional clinicians and educators. With this degree, you will be able to open yourself up to employment opportunities as a youth counselor, case technician, rehabilitation assistant, etc. You will also be prepared to study the subject further after this degree. The course is meant to be completed in two years and the curriculum has been designed keeping in mind a Christian worldview. You need to complete 64 credit hours in total and the course is priced at $395 per credit hour for the full-time course and $450 per credit hour for a part-time course.

Florida Tech University

With the Associate Arts in Applied Psychology degree at Florida Tech University, you will be able to learn about the principles of psychology and its core subjects in a 100% online method. You will be able to go over the major concepts of applied psychology, including theories and empirical findings and data. For each specific term, the textbooks and study material are made available online. The degree will also open you up to a variety of employment opportunities, like a rehabilitation assistant, childcare provider, etc. You need to complete 61 credit hours for core courses and the degree is priced at $510 per credit hour. It takes two years to complete the course.

Allen Community College

Allen Community College offers an Associate’s Degree in Psychology which provides a steady foundation in psychology and prepares you to study further. You can pursue a career in clinical psychology, counseling, social services, educational psychology, etc. This is an Associate in Arts with an Emphasis in Psychology, which means that you get a general overview of the subject and can venture out into a variety of fields after graduating from it. The program is designed to be completed in two years and you are required to go through 64 credit hours. The best part about the school is that it is extremely inexpensive and costs $60 per credit hour.

Cochise College

Cochise College provides a great online infrastructure for a variety of courses, including an Associate of Arts in Social and Behavioral Sciences. This program has an emphasis on psychology, anthropology, history, sociology and other related subjects. The degree is designed for two years and requires 64 credit hours in total, spread over different courses, core and elective. The course is a blend of online and on-campus sessions and will equip you to know the basic principles of psychology as well as other subjects. It is one of the best inter-disciplinary curriculums in the humanities. The course costs $123 per credit.

Final Thoughts

The names mentioned above are some of the best two-year undergraduate courses for psychology. While some of them are institutions that have a Christian worldview, there is no limitation on the students that can enroll. In other words, you do not need to be a Christian to study at one of these universities. If you would prefer a more secular education, there are plenty of options for that as well. An associate’s degree is a good way to prepare yourself for higher education. You can do it in between a bachelor’s and a master’s, or even instead of a bachelor’s, though you would be limiting your options for M.A. courses.

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